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Custom artwork Rug

Custom artwork Rug

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At Rocket Rugs, we specialize in crafting customized rugs that are a true reflection of your personal style. With just an image and a few selected indicators, our skilled artisans and designers work their magic to transform your vision into a stunning rug that is uniquely yours.

Using high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, we bring together your chosen elements, whether it's a specific pattern, color scheme, or motif. The result is a one-of-a-kind rug that adds a touch of personality and charm to your space.

Rest assured, we'll review your order and design details to ensure everything is aligned with our customization capabilities. You'll receive a confirmation from us, giving you the opportunity to accept the order and confirm the design before we proceed with production.

Elevate your space with a custom rug that speaks to your individuality. Let us turn your imagination into a reality.


The price indicated is per square meter. If your rug is 4 square meters, please select a quantity of 4 for your rug.

To estimate the size of a rug, you can use simple calculations. Keep in mind that these measurements don't need to be exact.

  1. Square Rugs: Measure the length and width of the rug in meters. Multiply these two measurements together to get the approximate square meters.

  2. Circular Rugs: Measure the diameter of the rug (the distance across the center). Divide the diameter by 2 to get the radius. Then, multiply the radius by itself and by π (Pi, approximately 3.14) to estimate the approximate square meters.

  3. Odd-Shaped Rugs: For rugs with irregular or odd dimensions, you can estimate the size by breaking down the shape into smaller sections. Measure each section separately and calculate the approximate square meters for each section. Add up the total square meters to get an estimate for the entire rug.

Remember, these calculations are meant to give you a general idea of the rug size. They don't have to be exact. If you need further assistance or have specific requirements, our team at [Your Company Name] is ready to help. Contact us at [contact information], and we'll guide you in finding the right rug size for your needs.

** Design Complexity Level:

  • Basic: This option is suitable for customers who prefer a simple and minimalistic design with clean lines and straightforward patterns.
  • Moderate: Choose this option if you desire a design with a moderate level of intricacy, incorporating more detailed patterns and elements.
  • High: For those seeking a design with a high level of complexity, this option allows for intricate motifs, delicate details, and advanced patterns. This includes carving as well. 
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